'Grab 'em by the Imagination' was an all girls art show, which took place in August 2017, which is Women's Month in South Africa.
The show was curated, organised by and featured Lauren Schultz (Says Who).

We collaborated with two amazing partners, Rialheim and Paul's Homemade Ice Cream, to create an event that celebrated the female creative talent that our country has produced.
Eight amazing female artists took place in the event, those being; Lauren Schultz, Knuckles Nicole Christos, Indianna Harris, Karabo Poppy, Li Shenton, Roxy Rose, Jess Jardim-Wedepohl and Telri Stoop.

The event started at the beginning of August, where each artist created an A3 print to be sold from Paul's Homemade's Parkhurst store.
Each print was themed around Women's Month and Ice Cream.
These prints sold really well, and were a great lead up to our main event.

At the end of August, the all girls art show was hosted by Rialheim in Linden, Jhb.

Each artist created whatever they liked, and between us there was a really varied amount of work for sale.
Lauren created embroidered iron-on patches, hand painted babushka doll sets, framed original illustrations and paintings, and temporary tattoo packs.

Rialheim also gave us each the opportunity to paint their blank bisque product.
The final glazed products really came out beautifully, and the proceeds from these went to two women's empowerment charities. 

Thank you to Anna-Belle Durrant and Angie Batis Durrant for their beautiful photographs (some of which we've used here), as well as their great blog posts about our event.

All in all the event was an absolute success, and an amazing celebration of local (and more importantly) female talent. 

Thank you to everyone that took part!

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